Get healthy together - go healthy with friends


Health is one of the most important things in life since your body is the only one you’re going to get.  Even so, many kids in the U.S. are treating their bodies pretty badly by eating a poor diet and not getting enough physical activity, instead eating and doing other things they consider more appealing.  The problem is a lot of kids don’t realize how fun and rewarding living a healthy life really is.
                That’s why kids are so important in spreading the word about living healthy.  If kids set an example for their friends they’ll be much more likely to have someone to share going healthy with and a partner to help them stay healthy.  Kids have the power to do great things, including changing the health of our future generation.
Below are some tips on healthy living to share with your friends.

    • Educate Your Friends – Let them in on what you’ve learned about why it’s important to eat right and exercise daily.  If they know how much a healthy habits can improve their life it’s easier to make the right decisions.
    • Exercise Together – plan games and activities with friends and get moving.  Exercise can be fun when you’re enjoying it with friends and it’s also another way to share time together.  Decide on several activities that you can rotate between in case you get bored.
    • Get on the Web – There are a lot of website designed just for kids that want to live healthy.  Not only can they teach you about the importance of a healthy lifestyle but they also have fun games to help you really remember what you learn.  Just make sure you don’t spend more time in front to the computer learning rather than actually using the info.
    • Make Healthy Menus – Come up with some healthy dinner and snack ideas with your friends.  Plan out healthy lunches that you can swap items from as well as snacks for after school.  There are so many tasty health food items to choose from you can go ahead and make multiple menus at once.
    • Organize Learning Labs – get together with friends and plan an event to learn more about living healthy.  You can organize a cooking class in which a parent shows kids how a dinner is made or an aerobics class that shows kids how to properly do different exercise moves.
    • Schedule Physical Activity – scheduling activities is important as it will increase the chance that you’ll actually do the activity.
    • Help Mom and Dad with the Groceries – learn more about food by helping mom and dad do the grocery shopping.