resources for living a healthier life


Making healthy choices is easier when we understand the impact our choices will make, as well as what all choices are available to us.  We’ve compiled a list of valuable resources that you can use to start helping your child get active, eat better and live a healthier life.  Below you’ll find links with additional info, tools and tips to help you on your quest to get your family healthy.

Links for Healthy Living - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Here you’ll find a search system for looking up State Legislation info regarding nutrition, exercise and obesity.
This link has a calculator for totaling calories in various fast food items.  It’s a great tool for helping kids realize how unhealthy those fast food meals really are. - KIDS COUNT Data Center
This 2003 National study has a lot of useful information and statistics.  You can also look up stats by state to see how yours fairs against the rest.  -
This site has links to numerous health agencies and organizations for finding more information on childhood obesity.  -
This page within the site provides links to dozens of federal agency sites, including those for Family Services and Food and Nutrition.  - American Academy of Pedatrics
The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes books and studies as well as maintaining their website that provides up to date information on a variety of child health topics, including obesity.
The link above contains a list of 7 books on the subject of kids and obesity.  These books are not only good reference material for parents and teachers but also designed to be read by kids themselves.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – This site gives child care takers instruction on properly weighing and taking height measurements for a child.  - AAP
Above is the link to the American Academy of Pediatrics resource page.  The AAP has a fantastic list of resources that include sites for the World Health Organization, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and more.