rainy day Indoor activities


A dreary day outside can put a damper on kids’ physical activity.  When kids are able to get outside they are away from distractions like the T.V., can work their large muscles more easily and work off energy to help them relax and sleep better. Though a rainy day does reduce the options for getting on the move, it by no means inhibits kids from getting their daily 1 hour requirement of exercise.
            That means the physical activity routine that’s been established for every day needs to be continued even on rainy days.  By planning in advance for rainy days parents can make staying indoors a lot more entertaining and healthy for their children. 
Make a list of possible activities for a quick reference sheet that doesn’t give a child the ‘I’m bored’ excuse.  Make sure to designate a space that will be for rainy day activities.  It needs to accommodate movement so make sure the space is adequate and one where things like video games and television aren’t around. 

Also stock up on items that you need for the activities on your list.  Kids can still enjoy these indoor activities year round, but they need to take part in them when they can’t get outside.

Rainy Day Physical Activities
Savenger hunt
Build a fort
Dance – There’s a number of ways to get kids shaking with music; karaoke, dance videos or the freeze game in which kids dance until the music stops.  The last one to freeze is out.  (this can still be fun for solo kids as well)
Play with a Pet
Hide and go seek
Pop In a Workout Video
Dress up

Hula hoop – not only can you spin the hula hoop around your body but you can also relay race pushing the hula hoop.  The race doesn’t have to span any longer than the length of a room.
Kids Gym – many gyms have kid zones that children can go to while their parent gets their own rainy day physical activity.  There are also now gyms specifically for kids as well as organizations like the YMCA which have indoor programs to help kids get physical.
Imitate Animals – Like charades getting kids to act out different animals will get them on their feet and moving around and making for some good laughs.
Traditional Games – Games like Ring Around the Rosie, Duck Duck Goose, and the Hookey Pookey can all be done indoors if there’s more than one child playing.  There simply games that don’t require too much space but will still get kids in action.
Foam Ball Games – ‘nerf’-like foam balls make perfect indoor sports equipment.  Toss around a foam ball, play catch bouncing it of a wall or play basketball with a mini hoop
Jump Rope