nutrition traps and pitfalls

things to avoid for a healthy nutrition

The road to health is often bumpy with lots of fast food restaurants beckoning you to pull over.  But with your child’s health you can’t afford to keep falling into the potholes of poor nutrition.  Below is a quick reference list for nutrition traps to avoid.  Some of them should be rather obvious, however some may surprise you.

  • Being home alone – When left home alone kids have free range of whatever is in the kitchen and no one there to approve of what they’re eating.
  • School Vending Machines
  • Food portions that are too big – pay attention to how much your child is actually consuming and the portion sizes that are given on food packing.
  • TV in the bedroom
  • Rewarding them with treats
  • Overly strict diets: both clean your plate and limit what you eat methodsYou should never go to the extremes with your child’s diet.  This isn’t teaching them healthy habits, in fact it’s negatively affecting their mental connection with food.  To curb this problem you shouldn’t prohibit all sweets or likewise require a child to eat everything on their plate if they’re full.
  • Unhealthy habits of parentsYou’re the one setting an example so it should be a good one
  • Not involving kids in the food buying and preparing processes Getting kids involved with buying groceries and making meals will expose them to the choices they will have to make when they are adults and also serve as hands on learning to make healthy nutrition not only make more sense but be more enjoyable.