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Is A 2.2 Litre Water Bottle Right For You?

2.2litre water bottle

Is A 2.2 Litre Water Bottle Right For You?

Ever noticed a family member or friend carrying around a water bottle that seemed abnormally large? You might have even seen someone you work with lugging one around during their shift. At first, you might want to credit them for keeping themselves hydrated, but then again, you might wonder why such a huge bottle is necessary. They were probably carrying around a 2.2 litre water bottle, and they’re not that insane for doing it under the right circumstances.

Keep reading to learn what 2.2-litre water bottles are all about, including their pros and cons, how you can choose one for yourself, and where you can shop for them.

Your first question is why you would ever use one in the first place. If you’re not someone that uses water bottles already, then you have yet to experience for yourself the advantages of being able to keep yourself hydrated anywhere you go, all the time. Well, actually, you might be someone that stays hydrated all the time, but you’re also having to constantly walk to water fountains or buy water in order to keep drinking it. Keeping yourself up with your water helps your body stay cool, maintain healthy functions and metabolism, and even suppress your appetite a bit. It also does wonders for the brain, eyes, and skin.

Then again, why isn’t a regular size water bottle enough? Why use a 2.2 litre water bottle? There are three general cases why they’re used. The first would be those who adventure in the outdoors and wilderness, where it’s not possible or easy to refill smaller water bottles all that often. Secondly, performance or endurance athletes might need plenty of fluids to replace what they lose through sweat, and they don’t want to deal with multiple bottles either. For many folks, however, they just know that 2.2 litres is the daily recommended amount of water they’re supposed to have over the course of the day, and by filling up one bottle at the start of their morning, they can use just it and know that during their day, they get what they need, no less and no more.

As you can see, these giant water bottles have some serious advantages in the right circumstances and for select individuals. Still, there can be downsides to them as well. For starters, keeping them clean isn’t always that easy. Even if you only put water in them, you still need to keep them hygienic, given how much you’re going to likely use it. Secondly, given their size, they can be a bit cumbersome to carry around.

If you decide to choose one, look for one that’s transparent so you can know how much water you have left. Also look for manufacturing materials that are not going to leach things you don’t want into your water. A carrying handle is useful, and something that won’t leak or get easily punctured also helps. A collapsible bottle of some kind can be easier to transport when empty.

In terms of shopping for them, check out as many reviews as you can. Also, ask the opinions of those you know that use them. If you need one right away, you can probably find one at a local sporting goods store, but you’ll also get much better prices and options online.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know not only what a 2.2 litre water bottle is, but who might use it and why, as well as the pros and cons, how to pick one for yourself, and where to shop for them. Hopefully, all of this information sheds light on why people use them as well as how, and you can decide if getting one for yourself is the right thing to do.