Preschools in Elkhart

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Find the best preschools in Elkhart, IN within minutes. Use our robust directory to learn more about the top preschools Elkhart including preschool program locations, contact information and more. Search the listings below to locate affordable preschools in Elkhart, IN.

Find the Best Preschool Programs Elkhart, IN

Angel Central Academy

Address: 2921 Moose Trail
Phone: (574) 262-0700

Beardsley Elementary School

Address: 1027 McPherson Street
Phone: (574) 262-5575

Buss Stop Day Care Center

Address: 1401 Willowdale Avenue
Phone: (574) 266-5562

Calvary Unted Methodist Preschool

Address: 2222 West Indiana Avenue
Phone: (574) 522-7708

Concord Christian Preschool

Address: 24641 Melrose Pl. Corner of Sunrise Ln.
Phone: (800) 795-9077

Cornerstone Christian Montessori School

Address: 2626 Prairie Street
Phone: (574) 522-3600

Day Care Services Inc

Address: 29831 Florida Avenue
Phone: (574) 522-5263

Dunlap UM Preschool

Address: 23674 US Highway 33
Phone: (574) 875-9060

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