tips for finding a healthy day care


We can make all the right decisions at home, we can pack our kids lunches and we can make sure their day is filled with the right activities.  However, when they’re not at home or with you the matter of your child’s health is somewhat out of your control.  You aren’t there to look over their shoulder and make sure that they a following the healthy guidelines you’ve worked so hard to establish.
                That’s why choosing the right day care is so important.  They are an extension of your authority as to the healthy lifestyle you are implementing with your child.  If the day care you choose doesn’t understand the choices you have made for the health of your child or they can’t provide an environment to support those decisions, then all the work you’ve done can be derailed.
                So we’ve provided you with a checklist for some things to look for to find the healthy day care that’s right for your family.  Depending on your needs you child could be in this environment for a good part of their week and the day care facilitators will become role models for your child.  Take the time and do your research before dropping them off to make sure those role models will support your healthy lifestyle.

Signs of a Healthy Day Care

    • Accreditation/Certification within their industry and/or state for day care and care providers
    • They should have complete understanding of food safety laws, including handling food
    • Certified CPR day care attendants
    • Menu plan samples for you to look at
    • Excellent communication, between both you and the day care facilitators and your child and the facilitators
    • Fenced in and secure outside areas
    • Facilities are extremely clean, bonus if they use all natural cleaning products and have additional air purifiers
    • Environment that supports social, interactive activities
    • Dedicated resting/sleeping area
    • Outlets for learning
    • Outlets for physical activity
    • Outlets for creative activity
    • Low caregiver to child ratio
    • Food choices should be able to meet 50% of child’s daily nutritional needs
    • Food that’s appropriate for healthy development no matter what age group
    • Day Cares that will allow you to provide you child’s food
    • Meal and snack times that can be arranged
    • Designated area for eating meals, bonus if the care providers eat with them in a family dinner type of atmosphere that promotes discussion and relaxation
    • Provides lessons on nutrition and different foods to children
    • Organizes group physical activities and games
    • Numerous hand washing/hygiene centers
    • Correct utensils, plates ect. for kids for proper portion control
    • Promote good hygiene and cleanliness
    • Correct storage and preparation of baby formula
    • Have food allergy policies and plans
    • Encourage brushing teeth after meals
    • Food that is portioned before being given out
    • Sufficient Indoor and Outdoor play areas
    • Shaded section of outdoor area
    • Water filters or previously filtered water
    • Locked areas for chemical based cleaners, ect.