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At Get Kids In Action we're dedicated to informing parents, teachers and other children's role models about how they can help their child create healthy habits they'll carry with them throughout life. Good nutrition and exercise habits start young so the sooner you get your child on the road to health the easier it will be for them to maintian those habits as an adult.

Give your child the healthy future they deserve. Utilize our site for information, kids activities, meal plans and more.

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If you are a child's care taker you're probably aware of the growing concern in our country about overweight and obese children. Since 2003 studies have shown that on a whole the youth of America are increaingly becoming more overweight at an alarming rate. Studies show that since 1970 obesity has doubled in kids ages 12-19 and has tripled in ages 6-11.

National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys have shown that between a 1988-94 study and the 2003-2004 study the body mass index (BMI), which is used to measure obesity, went up across the board for kids 2-19 as follows:

2-5 Year Olds - 13.9% up from 7.2%

6-11 Years Old - 19% up from 11%

12-19 Years Old - 17% up from 11%

It is clear that we must make a change to protect our children's future health. And that's what Get Kids In Action aims to do. Through education and smart nutrition practices we can live healthier both for ourselves and our kids. Please browse our site for info, tips, activities, meal plans and more that can help improve your child's health today, tomorrow and for the rest of their lives.

Another concern is being able to afford nutritious food for you children. If you are a low-income mother, we recommend you look into: WIC and EBT. If you have gotten yourself in financial trouble with your credit cards, there are options such as debt consolidation loans. Another option is a federal assistance program called Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Good luck in your quest, and remember that the children are our future.